Go cashless everywhere now with the new Kiple Visa Prepaid Card

A Visa Prepaid Card linked to your e-wallet

Use your Prepaid Card at retail stores​

Visa merchants will have a terminal available where you can wave your Visa Prepaid Card to pay or enter your PIN to authorise payments​.

Link your card in e-commerce stores

Shop securely at any online e-commerce stores like Lazada, Shopee, Grab or websites by entering your Visa Prepaid Card during payments.

Pay at petrol stations

Pump petrol using your Visa Prepaid Card without going to the counter. Slot your card at the petrol pump, fill up and pay! However, do ensure you have a minimum balance of RM200 before you proceed.

Purchase from mobile app stores

Need some credits to continue your gameplay? Link your Visa Prepaid Card to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and you can charge to your card anytime.​

Cash withdrawal at any Visa ATM machines

In need of cash? You can now access your e-wallet credits from anywhere. Just go to any ATM machine with the Visa logo and withdraw cash.

Overseas spending​

Need to spend abroad? Just bring your Visa Prepaid Card. Now you can travel and spend without worrying about carrying too much cash to other countries. Remember to reload your card first though!​

Kiple Visa Prepaid Card’s Fees & Charges

How to apply for your Kiple Visa Prepaid Card?

Download the Kiple app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Sign up as a Kiple user​.
Perform eKYC to verify your identity and upgrade your e-wallet to Platinum wallet.​
Ensure you have sufficient credit balance to apply. Click ‘More’ and request for a Visa Prepaid Card.
Your card will be delivered to your doorstep and simply activate it in the Kiple app. The sign-up fee & RM5 bonus will be credited back to your e-wallet.

Common questions

The Kiple Visa Prepaid Card is a prepaid card that is linked to your Kiple e-wallet account. You can use the Visa Prepaid Card like a Debit Card to make cashless payments in retail stores and e-commerce stores where Visa is accepted, provided that there is remaining wallet balance in your Kiple account. This applies for usages in both domestic and international countries. You can withdraw any amount from your Kiple e-wallet account balance at any Visa Automated Teller Machines (“ATMs”) worldwide.

Kiple Visa Prepaid Card application can ONLY be done through the Kiple e-wallet. Application through Walk-in or call-in to Customer Service is not available.

All Malaysian citizens and foreigners above 18-years-old currently residing in Malaysia.
Each Visa Prepaid Card lasts for 5 years.

Yes, you need to pay RM25 but it is subject to any current promo. You may refer to our website at www.kiple.com for the current promo.