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Accelerate and strengthen identity verification processes by using e-KYC (Know Your Customer) technology that requires facial recognition.


Digital Ready Segmentation

To fit your need.

  • Cashless School
  • E-Attendance
  • Digital Learning
  • Marketplace
  • Virtual Ordering
  •  E-Bazaar
  • Aid Distribution
  • Loan Distribution
  • Verification
  • Digital Onboarding
  •  VISA

Trusted by Industry Top Players & Government Institutions Since 2010

Moving Forward with
Digital Banking

National Regulatory Compliance​

Registered users can sign any legal documents digitally and remotely. Signing is digitally certified and timestamped against any tampering.

Document Verification

3D Facial Analysis

Identity Authentication

Digital Signature

Know Where Your
Money Go

Grow your online business hassle free with our simplified solutions, built to cater to every need.

Receive Orders on Social Media.

Quick and Easy Invoicing.

Go Cashless and Get Paid Online.

Bulk Orders Made Easy.

VISA Features that
you will love

Multiple Top Up Channels

Online prepaid account that enables online shopping and cashless payment with multiple top up channels.

Single Platform

Multiple payment channels on a single platform.

Cashless Campus

Cashless transactions across online, retail, vending machine, IVR and mobile platforms.

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About White Label E-Wallet. A fully customizable Unified Payments Solution for your Business. Brand your own Payment Gateway today!

Our Compliances

Business Case Stories

Currently, Dominos transacts transaction value in millions per month through kipleBiz payment gateway.
kipleBiz serves as their payment gateway provider for FPX (online banking) and kiplePay e-wallet usages. Our platform is processing close to a million transactions a month for TBS.
Over RM50 million transactions a month and more than 500k users & growing. The 1st Petrol WaaS in Asia. Expected to hit RM1 billion transaction & 2 million users in 2020.

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