Gearing Up for A New Tomorrow

MOST Malaysian car owners are familiar with Lim Tayar – a name that promises swift and superior service; a one-stop shop for all car maintenance. The Lim siblings, Clement and Melissa, have been jointly helming the 35-year-old family business for some years now and they have been on an expansion drive to take the Lim […]

Digital Help for Small Traders

SMALL traders, apart from growing local economies in their communities, form an integral part of our nation’s identity. Across the country, the strain on society and the economy today has placed many of these traders at risk of losing their livelihood. These neighbourhood businesses, accustomed to physical cash sales, are barely staying afloat. To protect […]

Click & Mortar Store a Lifeline for Retailers

SHOPPING malls – a place where we used to spend the day browsing and shopping, where we go for a meal with the family, to hang out with friends, watch movies, and buy groceries. There’s so much to do at shopping malls. Now, the malls are deserted as people shun public places no thanks to […]

Cashless solutions for merchants

SMALL merchants and entrepreneurs all over the country have been embracing the new normal with life-improving digital innovations. Using Green Packet and Kiple solutions, these enterprises across all industries are transitioning their businesses from offline to online – saving time, resources and capital through a single unified payment platform. In the process, they are creating […]