UUM Is Now Cashless!

Universiti Utara Malaysia also known as UUM, was established on 16 February 1984, in Jitra, Kedah. It was known as “The Sixth University Project”. After years of providing excellent education to students, with many top facilities, there are also entertainment or attractions such as go-kart circuit, golf course, archery range and many more. Now, UUM is is changing, they want to be the first campus to be cashless! As some of you may have known, cashless is a thing in this day and age, all made possible through rapid technology developments. There are a few advantages of going cashless such as:


With cashless, it is easier for you to make your transactions, and will be faster and more secure with cashless mobile payment. Now you don’t need to search or walk all the way to the ATM machine to withdraw your money. You can just use your phone to make the transaction, it’s that easy! Your wallet will no longer be packed with cash, everything can be stored in your e-Wallet.


Cashless is not only about convenience or hassle free transactions, it is also safe for you to use. You no longer need to withdraw money or que at the ATM, or even carry tons of cash in your wallet. All you need is just your phone to go cashless. It could also be dangerous if you’re trying to withdraw your money at the ATM alone, danger could be lurking around the corner.

Spending Tracker

Track your spendings through the spending tracker. With this function, you oversee your spending of the day and can save up more with the spending tracker! It helps you keep track and informs you on your transaction history. You won’t be overspending on your budget. This will also be good on budgeting as you will have more power in keeping track of your money in your e-Wallet.


There are many discounts or vouchers offered to e-Wallet users from merchants. Do check the availability of discounts on merchants that are offering it. You can also save up or get something extra from some of the deals. Since UUM is now the first cashless campus in Malaysia, you can be proud and be the first to try out payments with your e-Wallet by kiplePay. You can download kiplePay from your Google Play for Android users or Apple App Store for iPhone user at the same time find out more from Cashless payment is made easy by kiplePay. Try it now!