Celebrating the RAOK

Discounting the typical traditional and cultural holidays aside, there are several other novelty days which are being celebrated and lesser known by people across the globe. Unlike the other days like Valentine’s Day or Black Day (the kind of day where singles in Korea feast on black bean noodles – a food symbolic of single people hence the colour) which became huge and capitalised, there’s one day that entirely bases on the kind acts laced with the human touch.
It is known as the Random Act of Kindness Day (or as we would like to call it, the RAOK Day). Typically celebrated on the 17th of February every year worldwide by groups and organizations that wish to encourage the act of kindness hence the name of the day is pretty self-explanatory. It features acts which are kind and done without any hidden agenda hence the word ‘random’. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we should only keep the random act of kindness exclusively to February 17th, it should be something that is done at will whenever and having a yearly commemoration is just done for the sake of reminding people that this exists and should be a culture.
You don’t have to go all out in things like randomly donating your kidney to someone out of nowhere but rather just something simple and within your means. Even in the current setting among Malaysians, there are plenty of ways you can make someone’s day. You can do something as simple as:
  1. Complimenting someone
  2. Offer a drink or treat for street beggars
  3. Doing favours without expecting any returns
  4. Being polite
  5. Offer to carry things
Or if you have the time and energy, you can even:
  1. Volunteer at soup kitchens
  2. Volunteer at animal shelters
  3. Posting positivity online
  4. Send colouring books to children in hospitals
  5. Donate your hair
Remember, you don’t have to go to extreme lengths to make someone’s day. Sometimes even the littlest gesture can make a difference in someone’s lives. Saying “thank you” to your waiter could make his day a little less miserable. Rather than waiting for the change in the world to happen, the best you can do is to be the change you want to see in the world first.
Taking the first step will go huge in the long way. If someone has offered to help you before, do a favour and pass it on to another person and it might just turn into a chain of goodwill. Happy Random Act of Kindness Day!