Hello! From The Kiple Team

We have a fresh new look as we kick-start our branding journey. kiple started in 2017 with a vision to help people reach financial freedom with kiplePay – our e-wallet app. Since then our team has experimented and pivoted the brand to focus on key pain points for specific target segments namely; parking payments (kiplePark) and residential security payments (kipleHome). In 2019, kiple is a brand name for 4 sub-brands:

  1. kipleBiz serves both online and offline merchants as a payment gateway

  2. kiplePay enable e-wallet payments within universities and students.

  3. kipleHome provides security and communication within residential communities.

  4. kiplePark provides license plate recognition (LPR), cardless and cashless parking systems for building managers. We believe that in order to advance into the Fintech industry we need to uphold strongly to our parent’s brand (Green Packet) massive transformation purpose which is “every human must strive with life improving digital innovations”. We have, thus revised kiple’s brand promise and purpose moving forward.

our brand promise.

WE innovate in digital so YOU can leap forward financially.

our brand vision & mission

WE believe that everyone has the ability to achieve financial freedom therefore we strive to mold this vision through pockets of innovation that enhances peoples’ lifestyle in different aspects of everyday livelihood matters.