Reducing the Burden on Business

Green Packet Bhd is hoping to help businesses resume their operations seamlessly following the easing of the movement control order (MCO) with the launch of its proptech flagship product – kipleLive.

The product, which launches today along with its #WeAreReady campaign, is equipped to help businesses adhere to the stringent SOP outlined by the government by reducing compliance-related paperwork, human contact and efforts through digitisation.

kipleLive CEO Ti Lian Seng told The Star that they were using Artificial Intelligence (AI) Facial Recognition and Cloud Hosted Services technology to assist businesses in performing what would otherwise had to be done manually, such as the recording of daily temperature checks for employees and details of visitors entering their premises.

The kipleLive FR Thermal, which would be installed outside the business premises, would scan and record the temperature and attendance of each employee or visitor, and is even able to provide an alert if the individual is not wearing a face mask. The information is then stored in a portal and can be accessed at any point in time.

Aside from this, the KipleLive app, which will also be installed by all employees of the company, is able to digitise the daily health declaration forms that need to be submitted by employees.

“We, at Green Packet, challenged ourselves to see how we can help businesses restart, while riding on our technology, ” Ti said.

He said they hoped to help businesses feel protected and more in control of the situation, while also adhering to the government’s requirements.

“We studied the entire SOP, from the requirements before entry into the office premises, while in the office, and when leaving the building – and then we came up with solutions for these needs, ” he said.

Ti noted that each employee would be able to digitally submit their daily health declarations via the app, and also have access to their own personal body temperature records. He said the app could also handle visitor management by automating the registration process and minimising contact.

“In this case, the security personnel will no longer have to go to each person to get the temperature readings done, ” he said, adding that the personnel could stand at a distance and monitor the process. 

Apart from this, Ti said the portal could also be used for communication among employees and the scheduling of work arrangements.

“It can be used to broadcast messages, for one-on-one communication of specific groups of employees, ” he said. Ti said the app was suitable for almost any business and that there were also several packages offered to cater to company needs.“We have high performance modules that come with a few cameras, which means it can read many faces and temperatures at a time, and the middle-range option which comes with a single device, ” he said.

For smaller businesses, they also offer a rental option as low as RM449 for companies that do not want to commit to purchasing.

“We hope that with the product, companies will be more confident to restart and reopen their businesses, and be able to manage the changes in a better way, ” he said.

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Source: The Star

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