Enjoy RM1 Back-to-Uni Daily Deals with Kiple Visa Prepaid Card

Unlock Amazing RM1 Deals Every Day

Enjoy incredible benefits and rewards whenever you use your Kiple Visa Prepaid Card to make payment. Get more chances to win lucrative prizes in our contest with every transaction – the more you buy, the higher your chances of winning! 

Throughout our Back to Uni contest period, Kiple will hold daily deals where every 10th transaction will be selected as the winner. On Sundays, prepare yourself to win even more lucrative prizes with our Top Deals of the week!

Finally, check out our RM1 Bonus Deals every Wednesday where fast, keen-eyed participants will win Spotify subscriptions and Kiple Credit.

Apply for a Kiple Visa Prepaid Card to start spending. It’s FREE for all students below 25, with RM0 annual fee and up to RM10 cashback monthly when you spend!

Visit kiple.com/deals/b2u to find out more.

T&C apply.

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