Earn up to *RM700 of pocket money monthly!

Earning an extra income while studying is not easy for students. If you’re unable to manage your time carefully, it may affect your grades due to the extra workload. Is there a way for students to make a bit of extra cash without taking precious time away from studies? ​

Yes, there is! Introducing KipleUNI Ambassador, our new student referral program that lets you earn up to RM700/mth*! Simply refer a friend to join Kiple and get rewarded when they sign up with their Student ID and perform a transaction. What’s better, the Top 10 Super Ambassadors for the first month will get DOUBLE incentives!​

Registration as a KipleUNI Ambassador is easy: ​

  1. Sign up at ambassador.kiple.com with your unique code. You must be a KipleUNI user (registered with Student ID on the Kiple app) yourself.​
  2. Retrieve your unique code from the Kiple app. Go to Account > Refer a Friend.​
  3. Key in your details. You will receive an email to confirm your registration.​
  4. You are now a KipleUNI Ambassador. Start sharing your code with your friends and start earning!​

That’s it – you will now get a commission from every successful registration. Earn more when you refer more friends to Kiple!​

Ready to be a KipleUNI Ambassador? Head on to https://ambassador.kiple.com today!​

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