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Introduce A.I and Machine Learning to enhance your KYC process.


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Visa Prepaid

Document Verification

Through Deep Learning, our OCR technology can identify if the ID used during the on-boarding process is fake or if it contains a remake image or a copy image.

3D Facial

By analyzing selfie videos for micro expressions and facial features, our solution can effectively identify if the customer is a real person.

Identity Authentication

Verify user identity in real-time by using advance facial matching algorithms with industry leading accuracy and speed.


Registered users can sign any legal documents digitally and remotely. Signing is digitally certified and timestamped against any tampering.

The eKYC Process

Digital Onboarding & User Authentication​​​

An integrated Digital ID verification and authentication platform to streamline your Electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) process.​

Seamless onboarding and approval within minutes

Fully automated process to enable 24/7 customer onboarding

Improve customer engagement and reduce acquisition costs

Digital Signature with time-stamp for added authentication and integrity

Proven & Successful Use Case In Malaysia

Card WaaS

Kiple WAAS is powering the cashless card and process over 3 Malaysia states (Selangor, Perak & Kedah) assisting our government to distribute over RM 150 million a year to the B40 population since 2018/2019 covering more than 20,000 merchants.

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Key Benefits

Rather than a few working days, BNM’s new customer can complete bank account registration and loan approval within minutes.

This improves customer engagement and reduces customer acquisition cost.

e-KYC is ideal for rapidly expanding customer base as it is highly scalable without sacrificing compliance.

It also frees up workforce to focus on exception cases and deliver high value activities rather than working on repetitive, manual work.

Our eKYC solution is fully automated, removing human dependency.

It will also effectively root out fake identifications by verifying submitted documentations with anti-fake technology.

Digitize customer onboarding
for the New Normal

Seamless Onboarding​
Reduce cost, and address customers’ pain points by removing
manual procedures for an improved experience.
Fraud Detection
“Silent based” liveness detection solution, protect your business from
identity frauds by leveraging the latest technology in Facial Recognition and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Highly Scalable & Automated
Introduce A.I and Machine Learning to enhance your KYC process.
Enable onboarding of customers 24/7.

Payments Solution

Real Time Reporting Portal

A solution that can be integrated with your mobile app or built new.


Manage and keep track of your transactions our merchant portal.


You can generate reports for reconciliation, accounting or recording purposes.

Email Invoicing

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View your settlements to ensure your business can operate daily.

visa prepaid Solution

Kiple is the 1st visa partner in Malaysia offering whitelabel for prepaid card issuing


Available to everyone, regardless of credit rating, income, or whether they hold a bank account with stepped KYC.



Perceived security and budgeting benefits as what users load, is what they can spend or limit their exposure to perceived risks like fraud.


Ability to position prepaid across different sectors and use cases with transaction controls on where and how a user spends.

Low Barriers

Regulatory and cost requirements to providing stored value facility are generally far lower than becoming a deposit taking institution.

Ongoing Journey

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Overview of Key Features​

Key features​:

  • ID Verification (IC, Passport)​
  • Selfie with liveness detection​
  • 1:1 Facial Matching​
  • Digital Signature​
  • OCR for documents​
  • Manual Audit Platform​
  • Customised Analytics Portal​
  • Hosted Cloud Storage​
  • AML, PEP, Sanction List Integration​
  • Regulatory Reporting​
  • OTP Mobile​

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