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Introduce AI and Machine Learning to your eKYC for an exceptional user onboarding experience

Why Need e-KYC?

Increased urgency to onboard customers quickly, efficiently and safely;

  • Reduce Onboarding Costs
  • Reduce Onboarding Time
  • Reduce costs of refreshing data
  • Great Customer Experience
  • Convenience for the Customer

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Document Verification

Through Deep Learning. Our OCR technology can identify if the ID is fake or if it contains a remake image or a copy image.


3D Facial Analysis

By analyzing selfie videos. For micro expressions and facial features. Our solution can effectively identify if the customer is a real person.


Identity Authentication

Verify user identity in real-time by using advance facial matching algorithms with industry leading accuracy and speed.


Digital Signature

Registered users can sign any legal documents digitally and remotely. Signing is digitally certified and timestamped against any tampering.

A.I enabled eKYC built for the future

Digitize customer onboarding for the New Normal

1. Seamless Onboarding​

Reduce cost, and address customers’ pain points by removing manual procedures for an improved experience.


2. Fraud Detection

“Silent based” liveness detection solution, protect your business from identity frauds by leveraging the latest technology in Facial Recognition and Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

3. Highly Scalable & Automated

Introduce A.I and Machine Learning to enhance your KYC process. Enable onboarding of customers 24/7.


4. Regulatory Compliance

eKYC by Green Packet – eKYC is in compliance with Bank Negara Malaysia’s (BNM) eKYC Exposure Draft and also Malaysia Digital Signature Act 1997 to facilitate a secure and safe adoption of eKYC for businesses.

Learn More about BNM’s eKYC here

eKYC by Green Packet Berhad

Our Story

Green Packet is an internationally recognized telecommunications, media and technology player. Founded in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley in 2000 and subsequently listed on the Malaysian Stock Exchange in 2005, Green Packet designs and produces wireless devices, user-centered applications and services that enable the delivery of valuable digital experiences.