Worrying Does Not Empty Tomorrow Of Its Troubles, It Empties Today Of Its Strength.

Digital Communication reduce panic, worry and reduce physical meetings between parents and the school.

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Digital Community Go Cashless

Digital registration flow of Students, Parents and Teachers.

Hierarchy of records and parents linkage to students and classes are captured digitally.

Registration and User Management for Schools, Parents, Students, Staff and Teachers.
Child can scan and authenticate to or attendance or collect purchases completed by their parents.

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Multiple Top Up Channels

Online prepaid account that enables online shopping and cashless payment with multiple top up channels.

Single Platform

Multiple payment channels on a single platform.

Cashless Community

Cashless transactions across online, retail, vending machine, IVR and mobile platforms.


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Parents setup Child ID.

Face for Attendance Taking.

Record includes Location, Timestamp.

Available for Parents and Staff to View.

Crisis Monitoring & Management System

Digital Learning

Improve Teaching Efficiency Through AI and Big Data Technology.

Interactive remote teaching anytime from anywhere.

Shape the future of next generation with AI & VR involvement into education.

Classroom deep learning on student behaviour to improve teaching quality via in-class AI camera learning and analytic.

Tightly couple with school infra and teaching syllabus to cultivate a rich learning experience.

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