kiplePay Empowers PRODUTK to Promote Workforce Digitalisation

INVEST Selangor Bhd yesterday launched “Program Digitalisasi Urus Tadbir Tenaga Kerja” (PRODUTK), an initiative by the state government of Selangor towards the digitalisation of businesses by helping small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the state adopt Industry 4.0 technologies.

PRODUTK is an initiative by Selangor to help SMEs

Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari (picture) said it is important for companies to digitally transform all aspects of their businesses, including their operations and governance, to become more competitive in their respective industries.

“The cost to adopt Industry 4.0 technologies in business operations and governance is huge and has been a major factor that has prevented SME companies from digitalising their businesses.

“PRODUTK is a digital transformation initiative, specifically to digitalise labour governance for micro and SMEs in Selangor,” he said in a video speech played at  the launch event.

Apart from assisting SMEs in their digital transformation process, PRODUTK enables companies to conduct their business operations safely. It also allows businesses to centralise their management systems, as well as govern and automate their workforce reporting to increase productivity within the company, Amirudin said.

“I really hope PRODUTK will trigger a digital transformation, not only for SME companies, but for all aspects of social life and economy in Selangor.

“I also hope Invest Selangor will continue to further enhance efforts to attract investments into the state and provide support to SMEs,” he added.

PRODUTK is a workforce digitalisation programme, built with features for attendance recording, monitoring with GPS via web and application, work scheduling and roster, temperature report, contact tracing, and analytics.

The launch of PRODUTK is also in line with the state’s aspiration for digital transformation.

The Selangor government is aware of the need for a progressive digital transformation within the state in all aspects of business, including operations and administrations to become more competitive in their respective industries.

kiplePay and the Selangor digital committee

Through this programme, companies are able to subscribe to a comprehensive workforce digitalisation programme where a portion of their expenses will be borne by the state and the subscription programme will hopefully enable companies to operate more productively.

This can also help expedite the recovery of the state‘s economy.

Selangor SMEs have two vendors to choose as their operating system, namely KiplePay and Timetec. The majority shareholder of the company must be a Malaysian for companies to be eligible for the programme.

Other criteria include an employee count of not more than 200 for the manufacturing sector and 75 employees for the services sector. The address of their headquarters should also be in Selangor.

Companies that are eligible and interested may register between Oct 1 and Dec 31, 2020, to enjoy a complimentary subscription of the Workforce Digitalisation Programme for three months.

Source: Malaysian Reserve

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